Game freezing between game modes.

Halo 5 Gaurdians freezes up when I switch between WWFF & WZ multiplayer. My internet connection is good, my multiplayer connection is good, my NAT is open. This only happens on Halo 5. When it happens I have to go to settings and clear my persistent storage and then go to Halo 5 game management and clear the cloud then re-sync to the cloud. This used to work but now that’s not working either. So I have to quit playing for an hour or so and then go back and re-sync to the cloud :cloud: and maybe it will work or maybe it won’t. Can someone please tell me what the problem is and a fix would be helpful. 343 I spend a considerable amount of money with you so when this happens I know you’re losing money because I’m not spending any if I’m not able to play. Help would greatly appreciated. This is very frustrating!!!

Yes that happens to me all the time. Ever since the last big update. Very frustrating.

Yeah I get screen freeze after heroic warzone firefight as well. Usually last around ten to twenty seconds. One time it was long enough I couldn’t do anything, I wanted to go to super fiesta, but it had already connected me to another firefight match.

I had to quit the build lat night because my game froze for over 3 minutes after I backed out of the BTB postgame lobby to the menu screen. Usually they don’t last long, but it is pretty annoying. ske7ch said they were looking into it, but that was in the beginning of December after their previous freezing update didn’t fix everything.

It’s a known issue OP, there are already a few topics about it in the support forums