Game Freezes on Main Menu (Since recent update)

(Video of the freeze)
The game just freezes when I try to click on any of the multiplayer playlists. It doesn’t crash and the Halo window won’t close unless I end the process in Task Manager. It just stays open in a frozen state for minutes on end. I can move my menu cursor but the actual game doesn’t respond to anything.
This has happened every time I’ve opened Halo since the update and I reinstalled the game and the Reach DLC through Game Pass Ultimate before the video was taken. My CPU usage, GPU usage, FPS and RAM usage all are at normal levels. This has never happened before the recent 20th December update.

I launched through the Xbox (Beta) app so this isn’t the Anti-Cheat disabled version and all my drivers are up to date. Anyone else having similar problems?

I’m having the same issue unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to resolve it.