Game feels off and choppy in multiplayer

I have been noticing that the gameplay feels choppy, with frustrating fluctuation in smoothness while playing in multiplayer arena.

It feels like the choppiness that the odd engine interaction had with Deathloop.

The shooting range feels perfect though…

I think something about playing online is causing these mouse/camera hitching frame pacing issues.

I feel it too. If i go to MCC it feels amazing.
The moment i turn this game on it feels like im playing on burnt toast, constant FPS fluxes and “mud like” feeling of game play.


I get constant FPS drops, and horrible internet lag like it’s peer to peer

Some of this seems like it’s from game physics happening at 60hz. Strafing left and right in the shooting range looks choppy, but moving the mouse while still doesn’t.

The frametimes and input just feel really bad compared to other competitive shooters as well.