Game feels dead in the UK already

It’s 9pm in the UK on the evening that the new weekly challenges come out.

I’ve tried quick play and tactical slayer and am being put into 120ms matches.

I can only imagine this means there’s not enough players nearby for local servers.

Very worrying considering this is supposed to be a 10 year game


I mean, yeah. That’s to be expected. Until there’s a major overhaul in the systems that surround the gameplay, the player counts aren’t going to magically go back up. If they planned on scrapping the game and moving on from the live service, they wouldn’t be planning things like a custom game browser for next year.

I had this yesterday too.

My ping since launch rarely went over 30. Yesterday, it didn’t get under 120.


Combine ping with desync and ghost rounds why would those remaining UK players want to continue playing? The game has enough issues already without taking connection into account.

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