Game Disconnect POSSIBLE theory

Hey guys.

Just like a lot of other people here, I suffer from mid game disconnects. When loading my digital copy of the game, I notice that I get kicked from random games at random times…

So just to be random, I loaded my disc copy of the game…

Weird thing is, I found I wasn’t disconnecting anymore.

I have tried this a few times now, playing digital copy, get a random disconnect. Play disc copy, seem to NEVER disconnect.

So the question I want to ask people here is, if you are getting mid game disconnects, are you running a digital version or disc version?

MAYBE I have just been lucky not being disconnected while using the disc, but it seems kinda funny that this would happen so I want to test if others notice this too.

Mines a digital and I get frequent disconnects. I also figured maybe the installation had a bug that caused this. I’ll try reinstalling, see what that does.

I don’t think re-installing will help, if you can get your hands on a copy of the disk, try using that (launch the game from the disk) and play online. See if you happen to get disconnects then.

I’ve had people tell me that they are using the disk version and still getting disconnects (which I assumed could be the case).

But I just found it weird that every time I used the disk I wasn’t getting disconnected versus using my digital copy.

I use the disk and am disconnected. Is it servers? My network is working fine. Trying to troubleshoot this.

Ok thanks for the feedback zyrst47!

Had an idea that maybe when the digital version did it’s check (to see that you own the game on your account) it could be causing a network issue.
Only thing I can base this on is that I don’t get disconnected using the disc version but do using the digital version.

It must just be luck that this is happening to me.