Game disc broken, anything i can do?

my halo 5 game disc is too scratched up and my xbox wont read it. I really dont want to have to buy the game again, is there any way to prove i purchased it and download to my xbox? Or any other options?

Nope. Buying the disc won’t grant you a digital license.

I believe your game data should be saved to the cloud, so a replacement disc or a digital download could suffice.

Just download it an have it permanently

You could subscribe to the Xbox live game pass to get it digitally and a bunch of other games too, You could buy it on the Xbox Store or find it pre-owned in a shop. But there is no way you can get it again for free unless you have a very generous friend; you’re gunna need to spend money to play again.
But all you data and saves will remain updated if you do get a new copy, so you don’t need to worry about that part.

Best thing to do is probably subscribing to the game pass, $10 a month after 14 day trial you won’t get a digital copy as it’s a whole different licensing, you’ll have to either buy it again or get the game pass.

You’re out of luck you need buy a digital copy, but you should try and see if GameStop will give you a couple bucks for it.

I’d look around and see if you can buy a used H5 game for cheap.

You could try getting the disc cleaned at a gamestore. Quite often the prices are reasonable. Also the game is selling like hot cakes for cheap most places. The xbox summer sale should be coming up soon as well, so it has a chance to be on offer.

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> I’d look around and see if you can buy a used H5 game for cheap.

Personally I agree that this is the best bet. I’d be surprised if your local Gamestop didn’t have a used copy of Halo 5.

It’s not like it’s a Switch. >.>

most game shops around here have used copies of halo 5 for £10-£15 it is a pain buying it again but its better then paying the full £40-£50 for it online

Amazon sells it for £14

Best bet is looking around Amazon or Game Stop or whatever and looking for a cheap used disc. I understand that you don’t want to have to buy the game again, but in this case, it’s a must. In cases like this, I don’t recommend trying to get the game digitally; you’ve already played a good bit and you have game data stored on your hard drive/cloud/whatever, and buying it digitally means getting it at full price regardless of if you had it prior or not.

Ebay is usually the cheapest if you don’t mind to buy it used. I’ve seen copies in the $15-20 range.