Game Dev it was an Honor (I am Done)

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Okay I have no clue why my post was Deleted! I was thanking 343 for allowing me to play the Beta and being honest with my criticism in regards to the past Halo games they have worked on having issues with bugs.
I was not talking about spoilers. Again I don’t think talking about Halo Elites is a Spoiler.
When 343 has told this openly that playable are not in the game.
Anyways most people I talk seem to be done with Halo Series and as a Hardcore fan that is really sad to hear.
If my post are just going to be deleted - kinda no point in me talking about the series anymore.
I personally think this a dangerous road people are allowing to happen in regards for companies to charge you $60 for an unfinished or polished game.

But you do you! Just my opinion that is all. My final thoughts as developer I wish 343 well on finishing this game I truly do and hope it is a success with no bugs.
Who Knows maybe Microsoft is making them act this way.