Game data loading problem.

Anytime I try to play Halo three or four or Halo Reach offline it does not load my profile at all and saying it cannot load because my profile is a temporary or guest profile on my Xbox 360 however when I go online it will load I can’t always play online it has been doing this since I first got the black Xbox 360 in February I had a white one but I got the black one instead because the white one couldn’t go on Xbox live I ended up making a new profile completely I didn’t even transfer the day over I just let alone and restart it when I first place Halo reach all the black one it didn’t give me the option to select my hard drive for my internal memory I figured it would ask me later it didn’t save it when I went to work so when I got home I restarted it when I first put her in Xbox Live it asked me for are internal or external memory but it will not load or save unless I am on Xbox live please help I’ve been dealing with this for almost 9 months now

if it wont let you select hard drive then theres something wrong with your xbox

It lets me when I’m signed into Xbox live and when i made a profile on my 360 for little sister it let me pick hard drive