Game crashing before main menu

Theres a reddit post where it seems like its gtx 900 problem, 50 or more 970/980 users reporting that they encounter the same issue. Ive already raised a ticket myself, i suggest you do the same.

I launch the game, its black screen with the dots loading. When i start hearing the music for 4secs, game crashes. Anyone else here encountering same thing? No fix found yet.

Yes, exact same thing here. After launching Halo Infinite on Steam, a black loading screen appears with three dots in the upper left, but then the game crashes once Halo music starts playing after a few seconds while still in the black loading screen.

I am getting this crash report: “halt information: TDR (HR=0x887a0005, Breadcrumb: <Breadcrumbs Disabled>): The GPU has hung, crashed, or been removed. Please look at TDRBreadcrumbSummary.txt for more info.”

I have a 970 GPU, and it seems like most people with this issue have the 900 series as well.

i get this issue as well on a 3080.

i get this issue as well on a 1660

I have an NVIDIA 2060 RTX and it is happening to me as well.

They released min and recomended specs on twitter a little while ago:

GTX 1050 Ti was the minimum required, which is slower than a 970 but the 900 series doens’t work.

Same, EVGA GTX980ti. I’m using the latest drivers. I didn’t try rolling them back yet, but honestly probably just going to sit this one out. Submitted my tickets around 1am EST and haven’t heard anything yet.

I went ahead and submitted my ticket as well. There doesn’t seem to be anything more I can do on my end.

I submitted a ticket to 343. Unfortunatley, they said there is no immediate fix right now

"Thank you for your ticket and for letting us know about this launching issue where it shows a black screen on launch with 3 loading dots. At this time, we don’t have any follow-up questions or steps for you to try, but your issue has been logged with our developers. They will use the information you provided during their investigation.

If our developers have a question for you, we may reach back out to you. If you discover a workaround yourself, please feel free to send it back to us! We can share that information with other players encountering the same issue and with our developers for further investigation.

Our developers look at issues which multiple people have reported so if you know others experiencing this issue, ask them to file a ticket at Bing

Thanks for the update Supersonic. Figured they couldn’t really do anything about it during this short flight window. Would’ve been nice to give some feedback on the weapons and bots before beta and hopefully there’s another opportunity for us to do so.

Same here. I have GTX 980 and It’s the same issue. I already sent a ticket through beta waypoint. I start to hear music then start hearing audible feedback when I click mouse and then instant crash after loading indicators stop.

I uninstalled the game after it seemed like they wont be fixing the issue on this flight. Anyone with the 900gpu can confirm if the issue still exists?