Game crashes when loading team slayer

Is anyone having this issue since S2 launch, played a few games of the new playlist and a game of fiesta fine, tried team slayer and it hard crashes to desktop then played the new LTM was fine tried team slayer again and bam… hard crash to desktop again.


Yea happens to me regularly. Was just streaming and got banned for leaving games because of this. Really making getting the final kill I need for my challenge difficult too.

I just had my game crash twice on me in the past two hours. Seems like everything right now with Microsoft is just a touch off and then you go and add in Halo Infinite… patience is a must.

Had the same problem. Reinstalling worked

My Xbox continues to crash after the S2 update. More often than last season.

Yeah… mine as well. And of course, now I’ve been banned for the bug kicking me.