Game crashes after initial loading screens

When I start up my game it goes through the regular loading screens (Microsoft Studios, Halo Splash art, 343 studios) when I am brought to the main screen it requires that I hit the menu button. Every time I do this my game freezes and crashes. Occasionally it will saying that the system is syncing the data from Halo. Is anyone else experiencing this, and if you are or know the issue, how do I fix it?

You should post this in the support forum for MCC.

Edit: my bad, I’ve been switching between the two and got mixed up, this is the support forum, lol

I have the same problem. It took me 3 days to load. When I sign on and press the play button ( or any other) I get a sound similar to a hard-drive stall, and after about 15 seconds crashes back to Xbox home. I dumped the game from online download and bought the disk…same issue. It still will not pass the beginning and goes into the same “hard-drive” hang up sound. I AM in Europe. Where are you? I wonder if this is an EU problem/block? Thoughts?

Try hard restarting your console by holding down the power button until the console shuts off then wait about 15 seconds before turning the console back on. You will experience a longer than normal boot up time. Hopefully that will help with your issue.