game crashes after 20 mins

I finaly got time to play halo wars 2 and after few hours of play I noticed that the game keeps crashing in the campain I know that I am not the only one because people have reported the same stuff before

my specs are :
gtx 1080ti msi duke oc 11gb
i7 8086k
windows 10
and 16 gb of ram
which is above the recomended specs so I dont see why ther is a problem

It may be a problem related to the game itself, not you pc. Sometimes it happens hw2 or h5 forge have just some problems and it seems there is no particular solution.

Try to disinstall and reinstall, that’s the only thing that could help

I did and the problem is still there which is rather sad because the game looks like a lot of fun

In this thread the solution was to disinstall and reinstall windows

I asked on reddit and they suggested to reinstall the game again and well what do you know it all seems to work fine for now
finished 2 missions whit out crashing
so 2nd time’s a charm I guess
anyway thanks for the help

hmmmmmm tho the game was in fullscreen
(before I played whit windowed mode)
I am gonna try tho play it in windowed again to see if that was the problem

after few more tryes it appears that the problem is anithing runing in the backround

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