Game crash

So halo reach got released on backward compatability. And i have played it in my xbox one. But now whenever i try to play it it crashes when it gets the blue square things on the screen. I tried it a few nights ago and i got to the moon faze( where it is looking at all the planets with the music) then it made a really loud humming sound, like really loud. Like a ram truck started up in my ear and then the game crshed and it hasnt worked since. Thanks in advance

Seems like it’s a problem with the disc. Has it had any issues before?

im dealing with the same issue shred,

i think it might have to do something with the game or the dlc not downloading properly to the xbox one and cause after i downloaded some dlc like the “recon helmet”

it just didnt wanna start after at least blue square loading screen anyway i worry that i might need to redownload the game to see if that fixes the issue but it would be a shot in the dark i hate to say for me anyway but from what ive read on the internet about this is and it seems to work also see if your cleared your reserved cache space for the game to see if that smooths things along to get it work again

hope this helps friend