Game Crash everyday


Can we have a fix for this game ? all the 5 pârty, i had crash, and can’t reconnect, because, you know, this isn’t in option before 2025, and i’m getting banned because this game is in kit… it’s annoying, this game will be 1 year old, it’s worse than the Bêta …

Are you on PC or Xbox?

If you’re on PC, I would do a thorough review of your hardware and verify that it can run Halo Infinite— better known as the modern-day Crysis.

If you’re on Xbox, identify the model. (One, Series, etc). Reason being? The advice I could give you ranges from “buy a new console immediately” to “ensure that your console is properly ventilated and not suffering from a heatstroke”, because even these new machines feel the heat.

Oh ! And i add that i disabled the “High texture resolution pack” because this thing can make me get a ban for 1 hour in 45 min, because this things multiplicate crashes like nothing else…


I’m on PC, Ryzen 9 5900X, RX 6700XT, 32GO RAM 3200MHz, the game is on a SSD the only moment when i didn’t had crash for a while was season 1, i had a few crash but not all day :).
When i was at the beginning in The Beta and december-January on a RX 580 i didn’t get much crash too.
Since the season 2 this is a crash by day a least, and i don’t thinks it’s from my components, i had formatting my computer 2 month ago and i have the same problem.

On the xbox App the sound iis horrible, evrytime i get distorsion so can’t play with sound, and on steam it’s the crash :slight_smile:

i’m on pc and sometimes the game freezes on the initial loading screen. second launch usually works. have had or two crashes in-game, once when i was shooting a weapon the other it locked up on the main menu.