Game Crash back to back

So I get on to play this morning. I have a weekly challenge to beat AI in matchmaking in under 15 minutes.

Search a game, got strongholds. When it starts I que up 4 choppers, and scrap some buildings to build foundries. The second a foundry drops down, the game froze and then started making a buzzing feedback in my headset. Ultimately had to unplug my Xbox because holding the power didn’t work.

After rebooting and doing the same thing, got strongholds again and did same build, game crashed again.

What gives?

JUSt happened to me during the campaign too. Mission where you get a scarab.

I’m also having many crashes. They are just random too. 90% of the time it’s right when a match is about to begin, then bam. The game freezes along with my whole system and I need to restart. The other 10% is just random, for example, clicking in the menus. It’s really hard to play this game at times.