Game content idea's

I just put this up here so people can post idea’s or things they want in the game or share there option in this post.

Pressing and holding a button in the face on an oncoming vehicle allows a Spartan to catch some vehicles by its grill. This shifts the camera into third person as the Spartan’s feet dig into the surface they’re standing on until finally the vehicle is brought to a complete stop. Gameplay balancing features include not being able to stop vehicles with too much inertia like a tank traveling at top speed or a fully loaded warthog. And unlike armor lock’s ability to stop vehicles dead in their tracks this ability takes time and the player performing halt is totally vulnerable the whole time. Once a vehicle comes is forced to a complete stop a halt medal is then awarded and the camera goes back to normal. This is a standard ability all players have and does not fall into the same category as equipment or armor/Spartan abilities.

Other gameplay balancing factors include but are not limited to not being able to shoot while hunkering down in preparation to halt an oncoming vehicle. The player must choose to press and hold a button down for a minimum amount of time without firing their weapon for any chance of successfully catching an oncoming vehicle. Also a Spartan cannot catch a vehicle while they’re standing on certain surfaces that do not have any give like ice or light bridges.

I wonder if 343 would ever consider upping the number of players in a BTB or Warzone game to 32. Might be fun. I also think to appease fans of classic and newer game-play that 343 needs to implement both somehow into Infinite.

Warzone ctf?

Hey OP, we already have quite a few active wish list threads available. Rather than everyone creating a separate topic for their own wants and wishes, best to try and keep that number down. Feel free to add your thoughts to any of the existing threads, thanks :slight_smile: