Game constantly pausing and finding new host

Over the past week or so, I have been playing multiplayer in the arena and every 30 seconds or so the game pauses and just shows the roster. Usually there are red or yellow bars next to everyone’s names. Then the bars go green, and the game resumes. Then 30 seconds later, I’m in a firefight, and … back to the roster and I wait for everyone to go green again.

Sometimes while I’m paused watching the roster, the scores are changing. I’m sitting there, yet other people are scoring?

Half the time, I see the message along the lines of “finding new host”. Another time, the game ended in about a minute and gave me a score in the 900s which blew away my average (hey, I’m sucky, but not that sucky)

The question is: Is this something I’m doing wrong, or is this a problem with Bungee?

Am I alone here?


I get it too, and I’m near-convinced they’ve swapped out their netcode with a deep-fried pickle.

I get this to, either I’m getting massive lag spikes or I’m in black screen doing nothing in some games. What the hell is going on? Can I fix this some how.

I get almost every time I play invasion. It’s especially annoying whenever I choose like the shotgun/energy sword player type on the third round and it does that crap and when it’s done, I reappear on screen but with weapons that I didn’t choose.

I don’t get host migrations and disconnects as much in Reach as I did in Halo 3.

its really annoying at start of a match I start and it goes black with the roster saying finding new host and in backround ihear shooting.When it eventually does start we are loosing like 13-7 because i play team slayer with my cousin and its 2 people i dont know loosing to 4 people i dont know and me and my cousin are looking at a black screen

> I don’t get host migrations and disconnects as much in Reach as I did in Halo 3.

I agree. Halo 3 did seem a worse than Reach as far as host migrations go.

seems like people are purposely causing black screens to respawn power weapons