Game Chat

I’ve been playing H5 and Halo Reach a lot recently and something I’ve noticed is nobody is in game chat. Nobody talks to each other even in Ranked (which does require team work). Why don’t people go to game chat and actually interact with people? I can understand Reach’s GC because it sounds like MW2 but H5 GC is beautiful.

Most of the time they’re already in a party but if they have a mic and aren’t speaking, I dunno maybe they’re shy?

Nothing wrong with that. Less people on mics means less chance to have someone ruin your night by being rude.

Today I was matched up in MCC with a dude on a mic who sounded like an adult black man, but acted like a literal child, yelling at people not to kill him, raging out loud, taunting the enemy with stuff like ‘you better run!’ and cursing or screaming ‘noooooooooo!’ when he dies. This is the perfect example of people who shouldn’t have mics.

Unless you give understandable, valuable information while not hating on people or making too many horrible sounds, people are going to mute you as soon as you begin to speak, so why even try?

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> Why don’t people go to game chat and actually interact with people?

Whenever I see posts like this, it’s hard not to view it as a personal indictment, because I’m one of those people who doesn’t use game chat. But I have my reasons. For one thing, my Xbox was sent to me as a gift from a friend of a friend, but it didn’t come with a mic. And I don’t play super competitive modes where teamwork is necessary anyway

Because its full of nasty people that want to make your ears bleed.

To put it bluntly, there are so many annoying people there that it’s not worthwhile. They shout and scream and will always blame someone else for doing bad. Nowadays you can’t get into any game (halo or not) without somebody unfunnily saying ‘Do you know the way’.

Frankly I don’t understand why you would have game chat on.