Game chat versus party chat

I am showing how novice I am by asking the question but what is the difference between game chat and party chat? My goal is to chat during mostly slayer game-type.
Do I need to have my mic on to hear other players during a game or can I have it turned off and still hear others give call outs? I can hear others before a game starts then nothing during a game. Possibly a setting I am missing?

Party chat is what you hear in an Xbox Live party. You can think of it as a private chat, mainly associated with friends or groups of people playing together. Regardless of what game you are playing, you can hear and speak to other people in the party.

In-game chat is specific to a game and is only applicable when players are in a lobby or a match. Everyone’s voice travels through and is handled by the game.

You can’t hear players in a party if you are in game chat and vice versa. So, if you want to be able to listen to other players, you need to either leave a party you might be in or switch to game chat.

The voices you hear in the pre-game lobby are likely from players who are then put on the opposite team as you. You are not able to hear voices of players from the opposite team once you’re in a match for obvious reasons. Either that or some people like to make some noise before a game, but then keep quiet during the actual match.

Hope that clarifies stuff.

That helps, thank you. To be clear, I should be able to hear my team if we are both on game-chat correct? Will I hear them if the mic from my headphones is off? I appreciate your earlier answer.

Yes, to both of those questions. Good luck though since hardly anyone talks anymore in game chat.