Game cannot launch at all (PC/Steam)

Okay, so the other day, the game was perfectly fine. No issues, and had a blast grinding challenges and the usual. Yesterday, I boot it up, shows the Xbox Games Logo, and 343 Industries logo, and then black. Task Manager says it’s not responding, and the only way to close it is task manager. I’ve tried everything I could to get it to work. EAC, no EAC, EAC’s explanation of problems of it’s software is as understandable as Arabic, I reinstalled 3 times, reset my pc, made it an exception on my antivirus and validated the game files on Steam. I’ve spent the whole day trying to fix it and nearly had an aneurysm in the process.

I can’t refund it either way, I’ve already gotten 85 hours in the game and I’ve purchased the game around the steam release date. What do I do?