Game Breaking Skulls

All the skulls the game will have are probably already set in stone this close to release, but it’d be just great if there were some truly game breaking skulls added for the ultra lulz. Either way, added or not, this thread should be entertaining. I’ll post my lame idea’s in a easily digestable list format :slight_smile:


  • You start the level with a unique vehicle spawning gun: where ever you point and shoot, a random drivable vehicle spawns. Even indoors. EVEN IN TINY TUNNELS XD

Chopping block

  • Golden sword elites. Golden sword elites everywhere.


  • You move faster. But so does everyone else. And they move faster than you.

Hmm, I guess I ran out of idea’s quite quickly. I don’t promise to update this thread on a regular basis, but feel free to add your own! Or just let it sink and die. Either way’s good :stuck_out_tongue:

flammable Gas Tank- Grunts suicide bomb all the time, always, forever.

YMWAC skull (Your mom was a clown)

This skull does what the IWHBYD skull does but instead of affecting in game speech it turns each cutscene into a easter egg.
For exsample
In the first cut scene instead of cortana waking chief up it will be a clown and when he kicks the door open he will have a teddy bear in his hand
In the end the tank that did not beat everything in halo 3 comes back and kills chief

This skull should only be gotten after fighting a secretly hidden brute chieftan thats wiering a clown suit and a wig for a helmet . It fights like a normal brute chieftan intel you pop its shield and a Wuv Woobeam shoots out its mouth making it deadly. after killing it she or he will scream like ugly betty and turn into the skull

Bug Zapper - Every pistol (or other human weapon) is a MAC round.
(Think the Scarab Gun from Halo 2, just a little re-worked.)

Keep them coming, guys, some of these ideas are gold!

StartFragment setting in Halo: CEA that lets us switch between Classic Pre-Reach Modals and the contemporary Reach style models (maybe another new Skull) EndFragment

Boren’s Syndrome- All enimies drop 7 grenades when killed.
Now wheres that overshield and hog at!

Skullamonjaro- Every time something dies hundreds of tiny skulls fly out of their body.
ChopChop BangBang- Every Elite has a sword, Every grunt has a fuel rod gun.