GAME BREAKING BUG!! Can't spend in-game REQ Points

There is a bug that is currently affecting a majority of players (not every game), but it doesn’t allow you to spend your req points that you have gathered/ earned in game. Meaning you cannot even change your primary loadout nor can you spawn a vehicle. So you are stuck with an assault rifle and pistol the entire game, while everyone else who isn’t affected by the bug can still spend their REQ on power weapons and vehicles.

The time at which I first ran into the bug was yesterday, Friday December 4th at around noon EST (seemingly at the same time as the HCS pack update as well as the sniper playlist update). I have no idea if this has any correlation to causing the bug, but please do investigate. As of now, I have ran into this bug 4 times, in 4 different games. Non of them where consecutive matches.

The playlist in where it took place for me was Warzone Assault. It is hard to determine what exactly causes the bug to occur, and I cannot replicate the issue. It happens at random, and does not occur mid-game. It only occurs at a new instance of a game (once a new game has begun), and continues throughout the duration of that particular match. If anyone knows an in-game technique to go around this annoying bug, please do tell. Otherwise, comment below on agreeing with this that way the developers can get a hot-fix out as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Same problem here.
Getting really tired of these Halo 5 bugs. More than I remember in other Halo versions.
Thanks Satya and the new Microsoft.

I had this happen to me about few time to me gets old had to back out to get it to work right end up wasting boost