GalacticPilgrim: Looking For Clan

I’ve played a lot of halo matchmaking but I’ve alwayy felt like I was missing something. I’ve recently come to realize that it is a community of which I can play, discuss the game, and further my halo experiance with. I’ve played every halo in chronological order starting with CE. I just recently hit SR 117 today (july 5th '13) . I specilize is accuracy with mid-long range weapons such as the Battle Rifle. I’m very go at blow-through ops where I inflitrate a base or stronghold and dispatch as many enemies as possible. The class I primarily use is BR and AR. I have both of these wapons to account for multiple situations I could be in. I’m an excelent driving. I work well in teams, have a competitive drive, and a deadly aim. I’ve spent countless hours studying Halo’s Lore/backstories and have enlighten myself with it. I’m a great sniper, good with gernades as well, and I have great reflexes. I fight onward to victory, towards the enemie lines, and Forward Unto Dawn. If you interested in recruiting me for a clan or joining me in my clan (The Apex) but sadly we only have two or three members. I will not join a clan the requires me to have a ‘uniform’ armor or emblem. Add me on xboxlive and lets play some Halo!