Gaining XP ban

So today me and my friend’s decided to see who could assassinate people the quickest to see who was the best at doing this so we set it up but we didn’t want anyone interfering with our little competition so after a few games of doing this we stopped because we decided who had won soon after i received a message ‘This account has been temporarily banned from earning XP’ i’m just wondering that since i did not attempt to cheat how long will this last any ideas?

That has to be the worst excuse that I’ve seen yet.

Assassinating idle guests.

24hours - a week ban.

See the “Official Ban Thread.”

rofl. I laugh when I see kids try stuff like this and think they can get away with it, and when they don’t they make up some terrible excuse and say ‘oh i wasn’t cheating’, not realizing anybody can go look at their match history and clearly see they were.

Good stuff. hope your xp ban lasts for a week.