Gaining armour, a downgrade

Having played the Halo Infinite Beta (yes I am aware it is only a beta and the game will still be in early stages even when the full game is released) the armour just seems very hard to unlock or I am just not understanding how to unlock it yet, I’m not entirely sure but there also doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of it. The Master Chief collection makes it so easy to unlock armour and its even better now 343 started adding famous armour into the game such as ODST variants and he newly added Mirage SPI armour. But right now the game feels like its almost impossible to unlock armour without buying any if these credits 343 are offering.

Being a long time halo fan I have found that since Halo 3 I find that unlocking armour has always been more rewarding than buying it and to be fair, I am in the middle of getting a house mortgage so I’m in no rush to buy video came currency.

I suppose what I’m saying is that the way to gain armour is a massive downgrade in my opinion, it has clearly been made hard to get for the sole purpose of getting people to buy 343’s product. I mean I know the multiplayer is free to begin with but still, even halo 5’s armour was easier to unlock. But then 343 went back to caring for the master chief collection and they really hit the nail on the head for me when it came to new armour variants and how to obtain it, the goal was easy and fun with new challenges coming out every week.

I know 343 will be releasing new armour in the future for halo infinite (I can only pray its not as bad as that ninja armour direction they are taking) but they need to rethink a way to obtain it because the process at the moment is long (I’m a working man so I don’t have loads of time for games) and buying armour is just a no from me, I have bills to pay. 343I will obviously think “one fan is not going to change what we’re doing” but its just a disappointment watching the direction this company has been going with how to obtain armour with Halo 5 and infinite. I hope they realise it’s not what everyone wants instead of not caring because lets face it, a lot of people are going to cave in and buy these credit things anyway.

anyway that’s my rant over, am I the only one who thinks like this? let me know I’m very interested on other people opinions or if they can even help shed some light on this situation, cheers guys.

Bonus Rant

The colour situation is just plain stupid, did 343i learn nothing about limiting armour customisation in Halo 5? come on guys if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

343i: “Hey ya know whats a great idea? limiting the customisation! The long time fans will love that idea”


All they need to do is automatically unlock all the customization to players who pay full price for campaign or get it thought Game Pass and it won’t be such an insult to those of us without time or desire to spend upwards of $1000 if we wanted everything

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Makes sense completely. Lets say its 2007, you buy Halo 3, you get Everything Halo 3 has to offer, simple and cost effective for the players. Why would this be such a problem now, and yea if no one was interested in the campaign then they have that option for a battle pass in multiplayer at least which should keep 343i happy enough.

Right? And even though AAA game development cycles cost more nowadays. If the game really is this nearly perfect and didn’t have MTXs I’d pay $100 for it!

So far from what I’ve seen and heard I’ll be sticking around for the campaign and halo mcc will be my multiplayer go to until 343i fix this issue which I’m sure they will, if they can make mcc what it is today from what it was im sure they’ll able to sort this mess out they’ve gotten themselves into