FYI - you can rate maps and game modes (How to)

Thanks to haloXcell for pointing this out. I never noticed this before so figured I’d post where it is. It’s a bit buried in menus.

  1. Go to multiplayer game mode you want to play or rate. (Ranked, BTB, Quickplay)

  2. Go in to “Game List”

  3. Select the game mode you want to rate.

  4. Halfway down is Rate with 0-5 stars. Will receive notification “Rating file” and then “Rating Saved”.

Feedback: average map rating should be visible somewhere, not visible currently as far as I can tell.


What is the purpose of this? Just feedback for 343? Or does it change the odds of any given map/mode?

Just feedback for 343, it seems. Though that’s not confirmed.

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Thanks for the tip. Hopefully this will help inspire them to make some more unique maps, or better yet remake some old ones.

How do you rate maps?

And I assume 1 star is low, 5 star is high, and higher =- better.

Some of the maps/modes truly are rubbish.

You would have to go into the Game List for the play list you want to rate and rate each game mode for the map. While fiddly, it does help tease out whether some maps are better for certain modes.

I personally dislike Live Fire for Oddball because it turns into assault / defend the tower most of the time, but it works well enough for Strongholds or Slayer.

Recharge / Streets for Oddball seems a bit better because there seems to be more map movement.

I also loath single flag CTF on Launch Site (rated 1 star) but its not a bad Fiesta map.

Also in the current build the rating is buggy, sometimes you save a rating and it displays it for a game mode that you didn’t rate, but hard to determine a specific trigger to submit a ticket.

In custom games when you make a custom games mode it also has rating stats.