FYI mount up achievement is busted

I was the driver, honked for every player, and had 4 total inside the razorback and nothing popped
This is 1 of 5 I need in multiplayer

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When you honk, your razorback should ping notifying players to hop in. Once it pings, then have all players hop in at the same time (within couple of seconds).

Did that for each player, nothing, I actually ended up getting it playing with random on the seed one, then my series x crashed as I got it, luckily it counted, for some reason the servers are buggy as hell today

It took me about 5-6 attempts to get it. As others have said I think they need to get in quickly as that was the only difference when it did pop.

Ya when it unlocked it was in a random match with randoms, seed is the best, but 2 got in and 1 took a little time, but it popped and my series x froze lol but there shouldn’t be no catch, 4 get in you should be good period

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