Future Updates to Halo 5

Here are some of the things on my “wishlist” for Halo 5, hopefully they will appear in future updates:

  • Community Forge Map Playlist - Action Sack (Husky Raid, Lightning CTF, Ninja Assassins, Medal Madness) - Swat CTF - King of the Hill - Extraction - Dominion (including Lockdown) - Team Heavies - Oddball (with the Halo 4 ball, which glows blue) - Ricochet - Regicide in FFA (Team Regicide too) - Forge Items (Cherry Blossom Trees, Water Volumes, Arbiter/Cortana Plushy Toys) - More weapons (Concussion Rifle, Sticky Detonator, Needle Rifle, Brute Shot, Flamethrower, Incineration Grenades) - Armor abilities as power “pickups” to replace thrusters (Regeneration Field, Hardlight Shield, Jetpack, and Promethean Vision) - More Medals (Killjoy, Reload This!, Headcase, Revenge, Smooth Moves, Weapon Sprees (e.g. Sword Spree, Sunburst, Dream Crusher))

July should be exclusively about bug fixes and optimization.