Future story DLC should let chief pilot the pelican

AS part of the open world, at some point the pilot should get his Condor, and afterwords give Chief his pelican.

The pelican would be a unique vehicle that respawns at outpost Trevonious if left on the field or “destroyed”

Gameply wise: the player can carry 15 marines in the pelican and one hog into combat missions. IT has to be loaded up at a landing pad, several of which are added to the map. but can be unloaded anywhere.

If you put a hog on it, one of the marines will get onto the gun.

Loading the pelican requires landing at a landing pad for this, and pulling up a menu like the FOB ones. this allows you to order marines into it, hook up vehicles, or hook up weapon pods loaded with specific weapons.

Chief can even hook up AI driven vehicles, which when released will drive around acting in combat. These include a rocket hog, standard hog, and gauss hog.