Future Sticky Detonator REQs

With all the discussion about old weapons returning in future REQ packs, and because 343i, for whatever reason, forgot to add the Sticky Detonator to the Halo 5 weapons roster, I’m curious to know you guys’ opinions; would you like to see the super-amazing-super-terrific Sticky Detonator return in future REQs? If so, what kinds of cool variations for rarer REQ packs would you also introduce?

I did despise that weapon until recently. I played a round of Action sack with that as the only weapon and I learned how to use it. Now i like it. Would pick it up if it were on the maps. Before I wouldn’t touch it. Could be very useful taking over a base

Bring back grenade launcher and brute shot too!

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> Bring back grenade launcher and brute shot too!

I second the motion.

My favorite weapon from Halo 4, the Sticky Detonator was. I’d love to see it return.