Future of Day One Downloads

Good morning everyone and I hope this post find all of you well in these uncertain times.

I wanted to pose a question and statement. As far as I know from what I’ve read it follows the rules.
With the newest Halo game coming up in the next year, (hopefully), do you think that there will be a massive Day one download like with the last Halo game?
I honestly hope not. With as much time as the creators have had there should be no reason that the game doesn’t come complete like the good old days. It is my opinion that day one downloads should be reserved for extras like: pre order bonuses, maybe a gift from developer, or something along those lines but not a massive 20 BG download that prevents people from playing the game till days after release.
That’s my opinion, what’s yours?

I don’t necessarily have a problem with day-one updates. It just generally means that the developers are continuing to work out some bugs and stuff, which is a good thing. Sure, back in the day games were “complete” upon release. But at the same time, games have become much more complex and so there are many more things to check for bugs. If they waited until everything was perfect, the release dates would be much later. As long as there’s nothing game-breaking, I have no problem with minor bugs being patched post-release like they do now.