Future Infinite Weapons

I have a strong suspicion that Halo Infinite will have new and returning weapons introduced at a later point; be it at launch and/or down the road in upcoming seasons. So lets speculate and fantasize!

My hopeful returns:
Pump Shotgun
Fuel Rod Cannon
Spartan Laser


  • Pump Shotgun: Deals roughly twice the damage as the Bulldog shotgun, being able to 1-shot kill at ideal range. This will likely be balanced by giving it a very large initial spread, making anything not basically point-blank a near kill instead of a clean kill. Hopefully it’ll have a similar overall shot-range as the Bulldog, making it still somewhat useful at range. Clunky but hits like a truck when used properly.

  • Fuel Rod: Similar to previous models, but it’d be amazing if it could lock and home onto aerial vehicles. It never made much sense why the Covenant’s AA weapons would be sluggish projectiles with a limited splash range. Giving it homing would clear that up.

  • Spartan Laser: It’d be interesting if it had 2 firing modes. A “low power” mode that dealt less damage but charged faster and used less battery; and a “high power” mode that acted like the classic iterations and destroyed nearly anything.

  • DMR: Hopefully the Halo Reach iteration. Slightly lower TTK than the Battle Rifle, but makes up for it in the range department. Perhaps it’ll get a slight increase in recoil like the BR did.

Those are my hopes for Halo Infinite’s weapons in the future. I’m by no means expecting it instantly, but it’d be nice to see them. What guns do you hope to see return, and what updates can you imagine for them?

I can see the pump return along with infection as the bulldog doesn’t fit the game mode