Future Halo game options and possibilities.

As a lifelong Halo fan I have loved watching the series grow and change over the years. There have been some awesome additions like duel wielding, armor abilities, and armor customization that have helped keep Halo current, exciting, and fresh.

Of course there were some things I did not like as much as others, but overall I love where Halo is headed and where it has been.

That being said…

Here are some things I think would be neat in Halo 5 and also some general thoughts on the current state of affairs.

1st and most important to me: Armor options. Reach did a good job of making the armor options look like they served a purpose. It seemed like actual gear that a Spartan would need to take into combat. Things like the GPS on the wrist and the little sniper veil with the camelback hose. Those were awesome options that made sense. In Halo 4 we had some “interesting” options that looked like some sort of concept car art. Nothing really seemed to serve a tactical purpose and the majority of the helmets looked alien and odd. The chest pieces all looked similar and futuristic. Not to many seemed to serve any tactical purpose or make much sense for a Spartan on the battlefield. It seems like the artists were trying to make some crazy future armor that was all jagged and pointy and sleek like a Ferrari in 2552. It looks cool on a showroom floor but in the trenches and kicking in doors it seems silly. I would like to see some tactical Spartan armor options, that make Spartans resemble Human SEAL/Super soldiers. Make it more rugged and realistic please.

“Hey, what do you know!” you might say to me. “I love my Pathfinder helmet. Sure it makes no sense, but it makes me happy!” I understand some silly or crazy helmets need to be in the game for fun reasons. But please not 80% of the helmets. Recon, Recruit, or Scout are all decent examples of logical and cool helmets.

2nd: Use the Kinect to let us record our own Spartan tea bagging dance, or post game poses. I like the idea of having a 3 second move that we could do on the battlefield at the push of a button. I think of something clever, the Kinect records it, and then I place it on your face after I kill you! It would be awesome. And when you get killed its kinda fun to watch the other guys weird move. win/win. You could also use this instead of the cheesy crooked salute that your SIV gives you after you get promoted. Makes you feel connected to the big guy on screen.

3rd: Update the symbol creator already! Many games have already given us more in depth symbol creators. For me, when it comes to Halo (or any game for that matter.) customization is HUGE!!! I want to have something that no other player has. Custom symbols is just the way to do this. I work hard to make a cool symbol, then it is mine and people can say, “Hey, neat symbol!” Plus I can be impressed by other players impressive symbols. I truly hope that the days of the simple symbol creator are over. It is time to move on to the more advanced system 343. This is an advanced AAA game, give us more options!

So those are some things that I would like to see when the next Halo is released. I wont get started in this post on my views of Spartan IVs. Or their unprofessional, pre-madonna, “look at me, I’m a Spartan IV” mindset that no real hero, warrior, or special operator worth their title would have. That will be a rant I’ll save for another day.

In the end 343 can do as they see fit. I am but a humble gamer who can only look from the outside to see what it takes to create a masterpiece like HALO. No matter what happens I will be there at midnight to buy it and love it because I am and always will be the Master Chief