Future Halo 4 Clan

As you all probably know Halo 4 will be released on November 6,2012. On that day a new clan will be created. I will need another member that will help me run the clan. This member will run the clan meetings if I am un-able to attend, give awards to the members with the greatest scores in clan battles, and will need to be able to help any other member if they have questions. I also need 4 other members that will be sergeants, they will have a battalion of their own. They will need to train and talk to there men, about new maps and battle procedures. Those sergeants will need to report back to me at the end of each week with the results of each soldier. The rest of the members will start out as privates and work there way up to general. When those members reach sergeant and another battalion leader is ready for a promotion, the new sergeant will take there place. I will talk to each new battalion leader before they receive the rank. We will have normal military ranks, honers, and branches of military. If you want to join post a reply, i will answer any questions you have about the clan.

My account is not working but if you wish to send me a friends request: UNSC Worrior

I will have a new account in the month of November.