Future Game Modes would U want in Action Sack?

What future game modes/types do you want to see added into action sack in the future? It can be anything!

Personally I want to see:

  • Fatman Zombies - A hide and seek mode (Minosuars doesnt count and it sucks) - Duck Hunt - Ice Cream Man - Garbage Man - Games featuring a higher player count - More Paintball maps - Sky BasesWhat they should remove:

  • Minosuars (this should have been a better hide and seek mode. Instead, it is a stupid run away for stupid mantises…stupid.) - Tank Wars (Slow paced and takes no skill to play) - Mantis Breakout (Again…takes no skill to play) - The Capture the Flag Mode (Its just a snipers fest!)What do you all think? Would love to hear your thoughts.

I need to destroy Mongooses so I would like a Gungoose arena style game mode.

also more classic game modes from past halos.

I think they should bring back sabres (Halo Reach) hornets (Halo 3) and the broadsword (used in beginning of last mission in Halo 4) so there could be an all aerial gametype. Maybe even pelicans and phantoms, each team is in a pelican or phantom, one player flies and the rest control mounted turrets. How fun would it be to fly around and engage in dog fighting with other players!?