Future Forge DLC?

Hello, I thought I would try and get 343i’s attention in the hopes that forge could have a future update or dlc. In my opinion, forge lacks different variety of objects. What I mean is that we should have more than UNSC structures to build with. As far as I know, the only forerunner and covenant items in forge are weapons and a forerunner artifact in Ravine. I don’t speak for everyone else, however, I am sure I am not the only one wanting to build forerunner and covenant maps. Forge also in my opinion needs a much higher budget as well as object a lower limit to objects. I found myself disappointed with not being able to finish my Hang Em High remake because I reached my building block and wall limit.

My suggestion is this. Give us a larger budget, and increase the amount of objects that can be duplicated. Those weapon racks through out the Spartan Ops missions would be a nice addition as well. If you agree, please show some support.

just os you know, the likeliness that they will read this is incredibly slim

at the same time, they also say that they are scanning the forums for bugs and stuff, so who knows?

I can’t seem to quote posts on my phone. I was told that 343i has the habit of reading a lot of the posts here. It could be false though. The recent issue with the specialization code supports that false theory. However, given that enough people agree and post their thoughts I am sure it will get 343i’s attention.

I like this. New objects. Some transport vehicles. And more Custom Game options.