Future firefight idea

Can we get besides classic firefight, a more objective story driven one? Not on the lines of how bad some of the Spartan Ops missions were… but just not “kill this wave and that wave, defend this generator”. Needs more space to gallop and not contained. Have a rotational playlist for a Mythic experience, with 1 life each. Only get another life when the area is cleared. So standard wave firefight, mission firefight and mythic mission firefight.

With a story behind it. Helping Chief or something in the background, to make his job easier. More immersive, instead of having your spartan just simulate combat with other spartans.

Besides waves, and defend checkpoint A. You can mix it up, and add those into these kinda like in the campaign but more fleshed out:

1.) Kill HVTs
2.) Destroy compounds
3.) Rescue Marines and Troopers
4.) Push back sieges against FOBS
5.) Boss fights

Now the maps don’t need to be large as campaign… just large enough to accommodate some room.


I love those ideas. I wish we would get clued into plans for the future, but I think that with co-op and forge still missing that it will be a while before we get anything else beside more store content.


Maybe as the boss wave of each Set.

Sure, if it doesn’t involve Power Seeds.

Eh, I don’t want NPCs in my Firefight. Whatever to me, but in general hate the idea having to look out for NPC friendlies.


Final wave of Final set, just before Gruntpocalypse Bonus round.


Yeah. Reach generator and Halo 4 generator defense lol.

It doesn’t have to be like that though, can still lose of course. I just think the entire generator mechanic was busted… plus people didn’t defend them… like at all.

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Yeah, it would be nice to see things improve than just having the basics, kill this mob :+1:


Yeah, no reason infinite should not build upon a system already in place. Spartan Ops was a step in the right direction but implemented poorly.

I wouldn’t mind if they copy and pasted Reach/ODST. Just with more interactive maps, not necessarily bigger though. Boss waves. Maybe like a buy station like Modern Warfare 3, if anybody remembers that ancient relic. Faction based waves like Halo Wars 2. So we can fight UNSC as well. You know, a real horde mode. Endless mode matchmaking. Special gamemodes like generator defense.
I mean they literally can’t go wrong with a defense gamemode. I think its boring once you have to go out of your way to attack.

But ima keep it realistic here, I’m going to assume we will get some half baked gamemode like warzone firefight, until I see something official that actually resembles the actual firefight gamemode.

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