Future DLC / Playlist issues?

I know I’m getting ahead of myself here but I was thinking about how unfortunate it is that the Reach DLC maps almost never come up. They do get sprinkled in if all players have them, but in BTB for example, that almost never happens.

So I came up with an idea and I am curious for input. When DLC for Halo 4 is released. Why not allow all users to play on the maps? However, any achievements, new armor sets, stat tracking (medals, k/d, etc…), and spartan point progression does not count unless you purchase the maps.

This would prevent them from having to split up the playlists to DLC specific maps and keep a healthy population. I’m sure there are drawbacks to this I haven’t considered so am curious what others think.


Problem is some people don’t care about their achievements or stats. So to them it’s a free map.
If the game is good and well received hopefully more people will get them.
Maybe that’s One of the reason why the 3 map packs are included in the LE version of the game.

Halo 3 made map packs required in several playlist. You could still play default Team Slayer, and FFA playlist but the others slowly became more dependent on you having the map packs. If Halo 4 has the following like Halo 2/3 did I believe this would be the better option.

Good ideas OP. I do wish more people would buy the DLC. Hopefully in Halo 4 everyone is going to want to buy these epic maps.

I just want them to integrate them into the normal playlists, if you have them downloaded, it searches for games on release maps and map pack maps. If you don’t have it it searches for release maps only