Further showing off the weapon balance

Many have praised Halo 5 for the exceptional weapon balancing. Myself and many others agree that the balancing is one of the best parts of the multiplayer. However, some have made the point that balancing to make every weapon viable has created redundancy.
For the most part, this is a valid point, for by design of each class of weapon (precision, automatic, sniper, ect.) multiple weapons can serve the same role. Though the fact the weapons are designed work similarly is a factor contributing to redundancy, there is something else contributing to the redundancy. Weapon distribution on maps. The case for most maps is that the weapons for each faction are available. For example, the map Plaza. The BR and Light Rifle are redundant as well as the SMG and Storm Rifle.
Here is what I propose for reducing the redundancy:

  • Assign only one faction per map. Have all UNSC weapons on one map, have Covenant weapons on another, and Promethean weapon on another. - Assign a faction to a class of pick up weapons. On a map, all pick up precision weapons are Carbines while all pick up autos are smgs, ect.

I don’t think killing the off the weapon variety will solve anything.

Each of the different faction weapons on each map adds variety​.
Removing the Lightrifle on Plaza and replacing it with a DMR for example would change a lot of things:

  • Variety, there goes the whole point of someone learning to use a lightrifle on that map, no more forerunner weapons? Pretty bland - Map control. Now that the 3 shot Lightrifle is gone we shouldn’t worry about controlling that area. Let’s also make it hard AGAIN for people to adapt to more map weapon placement changes.Making this change just slows down the gameplay. I can see your point of making one faction weapons on maps but it just doesn’t make the multiplayer interesting.