Funny moments

Do you guys have any funny stories about Halo? Could be anyhing, in game, getting the game, buying expanded lore, as long as it is Halo related. Can’t wait to hear your stories!

This had me and a friend laughing.

One time I was playing Reach campaign with a friend and I ran off his screen and instantly died from a glitched garbage bin which fell from nowhere and landed on me.

From his perspective it looked like that I was fine one moment and when he looked back the next second I was inside a bin. Not so funny here but it was hilarious at the time because it was so obscure and unusual.

this one glitch that happened a while back in halo 5 then happened later on to a friend was hilarious. the camera was all jacked up and our guns were pointing to the sky. any vehicle spawned in was flying around on its side and the mantis looked like someone snapped its spine and the top half was just kind of on its side like the vehicles but the legs were normal. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else, but if 343 finds out how it happened and goes to fix it, please don’t this was one of the best bugs I’ve ever run into and I wish I could do it again.
also one time a little more recently my screen went completely black on darkstar and I played the whole game blind. I kept trying to find my way out of the base and knew there were enemies around me at some point but then I went back into theater mode and found that I was outside the base the whole time except for one part where I walked into the base then back out and some enemies even stopped to watch, didn’t even kill me. one guy punched me but noticed I didn’t fight back and just kind of followed me as I walked out of bounds while firing my rifle thinking I was in combat. I was just laughing through out the whole recording.

Always look both ways before crossing the street.

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> Always look both ways before crossing the street.

That’s happened to me before too. Funny how banshee drivers have the same sense of direction.