Funny hatemail you get when playing Halo 4

Post some of the funny hatemail you get when playing halo 4.

I got two hilarious ones recently. The first one was a regicide game where I was using an AR the whole game. After the match, some random messages me

“AR -Yoink-. 1v1 DMR like a man”

I thought this was hilarious because that guy went like -8 after I checked the stats. You can’t win with the most powerful loadout weapon in the game? Cool story bro.

Another one I got was after a fiesta game in action sack. I didn’t even play that good because I kept getting terrible ordinances. This kid messages me.

“F-you MF-er!! :(”
(He used the real words but I can’t post them here)

I was laughing my -Yoink- off. Now, I’m not a terribly good player but I’m decent enough to get hate mail once in a while. I can only imagine how much hatemail really good players get. For those of you who get lots of hatemail, share some stuff. I need a good laugh.

I love it when I get random messages after the game. I haven’t gotten any recently, but they’re a lot of fun usually and give me a good laugh.

I don’t usually get hate mail on Halo 4. Just the stupid to all recent players, please join my pointless clan messages.

Back in reach I got a good one after spamming back flip with the banshee for the entire match. Man people hated that exploit.

You should respond “BR 1v1” - I bet that would be a game to watch, since he or she uses the DMR and you the AR.

Someone sent me something from Sam Jackson soundboard

Samuel L Jackson: “say what again, I dare you, I double dare you M-Fer, Say What one more -Yoink!- Time!”

Keep in mind, I play in a party with my friends, so the message came out of nowhere, from someone I never even played with lol.

But then again, Ive been getting all kinds of friend requests and random messages since I was Featured on Greenskull’s first episode of Fails n stuff.

I actually have not received any hate-mail in Halo 4. Halo: Reach, however, was rife with it.

A funny Halo Reach one was when someone messaged me after a game of FF and accused me of playing it incorrectly.
I got just under his score and played the entire thing.

Play GOW, don’t use the gnasher. People go mental!

“F- you and your autoscope!!!”

I got that after a Binary Slayer match that my team won, I scored 13 binary kill out of which 12 were snapshots (not that hard actually).

i don’t get a lot of (funny) hatemail in halo 4.

now gears of war, on the other hand…

My favorite one is when they blame their loss on my Canadian host.

My favorite on H4 was in a SWAT game. After the game was over I got a message from the guy that said “I still beat yer 130 -Yoink- Mother F&^%*%”

Wow in a game where the 130 or 75 or 32 rank means absolutely nothing. This guy was so PROUD that he beat me

I sent the message back “ROFL GG” then blocked him

From a guy who got 1 kill in a doubles match (with a railgun) against players who were obviously better than us (I got 9 kills then quit out):


Being a white guy, I laughed my -Yoink- off, before sending back “Says the guy who only got one kill” followed by reporting him.

I don’t get hatemail just invites to join people’s custom lobbies. Myabe I’m not good enough for hatemail :frowning:


LOL. I love it when terrible players tell you that you suck.

> I don’t get hatemail just invites to join people’s custom lobbies. Myabe I’m not good enough for hatemail :frowning:

Same here… not good enough :frowning: … had some -Yoink- send everyone a message to not vote for Exile on Dominion… be -Yoink!- if everyone but one did… think he left. Stupid thing to do, cause ppl will do it just for the hell of it.

Ka Five has some good recent stuff. Let me go get him to post.

Ever since I’ve changed my armor to it’s current look, I’ve actually gotten quite a few random friend’s requests, and I often get invited to custom games. Never gotten hate-mail though. I DID have someone call me a “dork” because of my GT though, pretty entertaining xD

> Ka Five has some good recent stuff. Let me go get him to post.


sorry, I’m a fan :stuck_out_tongue: