Funniest gamertag you've seen playing?

Just curious on the funniest GT you guys have seen, mine was either “573 Jews” or “about 98 babies”.

Zedeadlygerman lol.

EDIT: I got another one, InsaneMountain. Its so close to my GT!


CheezandCrackrs. Ha!

GrannySmasher… OMGitzJesus…

Dilldough(and some numbers) in Halo Reach

1 800 SIT DOWN… mine gets some laughs too.

GT: A Duck On Quack

I nearly died when I saw this dude in a game of Eden Slayer. Hope he’s on the board. I want him to know that I got assassinated in that game because I was too busy laughing at his GT to see the dude behind me. Lol so stupid. But so funny.

It has been a few years, but once I ran into ‘You know who’ which meant at one point the kill feed read, “You know who killed you.”


It was in BF1 the other day but I felt like it had to be put out there, bcuz the laugh factor the whole game

There’s a guy that i play with often, and he’s the leader of my former company. His tag? “A Blackxican”
It’s even funnier once you know him.

Also, last week saw a guy with the tag “myexwife”. I suspect that he probably enjoys the kill feed during his bad days.



Hot Juicy Pie

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> 1 800 SIT DOWN… mine gets some laughs too.

Sweet Jesus lol

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> Hot Juicy Pie

I seen this guy lot.
Theirs a thread from like a year ago with a bunch of tags.
I think I seen sirdeadalot…something like that a few months ago.

Back in the early days, H2 days, I used to have a gt that was “U R A -Yoink!-”. It wasn´t necessarily funny but my god it got some reactions with people either laughing or screaming at me lol

In fact, that was also my username on the Bungie forums even though I changed the GT as it was tied to my account/email. Bungie had a policy that noone was allowed to change their username on their boards. But after having a private conversation with a certain Bungie employee I was granted to change that username to something else “for the benefit of the community” :slight_smile:

I should mention that when I created that gt I didn´t understand how XBL gt´s worked. I was frustrated all gt´s I tried were taken and just created an absurd one.

I believe it was along the lines of “a pantless hobo”

A tree… literally that was his gamertag. A tree.

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> PhilDeezNuts

A ha! got it!!