Funky Fishsticks

None of this poll will make sense unless everyone who votes checks out my Halo 5: Guardians “Funky Fishsticks” control scheme:

Although 343i have changed the controls since the Beta in order to support Gandhi hopping (i.e. Crouch Jumping) by sensibly moving Ground Pound (which would be targeted with the aid of the Left Stick) onto Melee Attack (as it is quite clear that you are intending to use it because you are airborne) I feel it could be improved further by holding the Right Bumper down and…

  • pushing forward on the Left Stick to Sprint
  • pushing left or right on it to Boost sideways
  • pushing down on it to Boost backward

Note: that I am fully aware that this removes the ability for you to Boost forward that the Thruster Pack was ordinarily used for, but as I found that Sprint coupled with a forward Thrust coupled with a Lunge from the Prophet’s Bane energy sword was a bit ridiculously overpowered, I felt that it was sufficient to keep Lunge and a Boost backward or sideways countermove and leave Sprint, Mancannons and Vehicles the only way to get forward faster.

Sprint would be activated when the Right Bumper was held down and the Left Stick was pushed fully forward in a region ten degrees either side of straight Up.

Boost would be activated when the Right Bumper was held down and the Left Stick was pushed fully backward, left or right in a region one hundred degrees either side of straight Down.

Consequently, the two blend together so you can be continuously holding down the Right Bumper whilst Sprinting after and Dodging your quarry in close quarters. It is effectively modeless. There’s no longer need for separate Sprint and Thruster Pack buttons, especially as you only have to hold the Left Bumper to engage the Vertical Thrust to go airborne (and hover there), rather than tap it to Jump (whilst pushing forwards on the Left Stick to automatically Clamber up ledges). It may seen unusual to put Jump on the Left Stick click, but I’ve played a lot of Destiny on the PS4 lately with controls very like these by using its new Accessibility options to Customize the Button Assignments and not having to constantly shift my thumb off the Look Stick to push (A) to Jump has been an enormous help to me.

These new Spartan movement abilities will get more frequently used than good old Melee Attacks, so unfortunately in the interests of good ergonomics they have to be moved from their old home on the Right Bumper to the less accessible (B) button. The enhanced attacks operate on a Hold-Target Enemy-Release protocol and can be easily contextually disambiguated as you can only Ground Pound when airborne and only Spartan Charge when on foot.

However, the (A) button is back in its familiar role being used to Cycle Grenades so you do not have to stop running to move your left thumb onto the D-Pad anymore, or awkwardly stretch across with your right thumb.

I appreciate the time taken by anyone who reads this and welcome your informed votes either way.

P.S. it is probably too late for 343i to adapt their control scheme at this point, but I feel that my Funky Fishsticks control scheme would improve their game although it would require a significant reworking of how the game operates and is not merely a supplemental alternative control scheme.