Fun things to do with the grenade pistol?

> " I chose the grenade pistol. The weapon seems to be a replacement for the grenade launcher in Reach. You fire a relatively slow moving projectile which sticks to players and surfaces. At that point the pistol screen opens up and if you press the trigger again you can denote the projectile. I did notice that the projectile seemed to have a audio cue as well as visual cues telling players it was armed. Talking with one of the multiplayer designers he mentioned situations where you would call in ordinance drops, tag them with the grenade pistol, and the wait for an enemy to run into a death trap and blow him up. It seemed that the sandbox allowed for a lot of creativity."

This could lead to other interesting situations but it’s all highly dependent on not having the projectile exploding when you enter a vehicle.

Sticking it on a mongoose and using it as a carbomb would bring the lolz. If the driver is unable to fire the weapon and drive the mongoose without the shot exploding there’s always the potential of having a passenger using the weapon.
However I can see a more practical use being riding shotgun with the mongoose and doing a drive by on an enemy hog and sticking it with the magnetic shot and destroying it.

I can see a lot of lolz moments occurring with this weapon.

It’s goin to be great for machinima. Thoug I want to eel that it took more skill to use the grenade launcher, the shots were kind of randm and unpredictable attimes

Wow i didn’t even think of all these possible moments. Somehow there has been no information regarding this weapon for a year now and now that we have it, this gun sounds awesome.

Could you picture you and your buddy playing ctf, he sticks your warthog and you charge the base as a suicide driver and kill as many guys as you can while your buddy takes the flag.

Better yet, sticking a banshee and being a kamikaze. Its a great addition to the sandbox no doubt.

> Better yet, sticking a banshee and being a kamikaze. Its a great addition to the sandbox no doubt.

Sticking it on banshee and using it as bait for someone to get in then watching them explode and fall out of the sky :stuck_out_tongue:

High AI manipulation potential makes this something mandatory to try out.

One thing I used to do in CE was toss a plasma grenade to get Flood to inspect it. Let’s just say they weren’t moving afterward.

It will definitely add some creativity and hilarious shenanigans to Halo’s Sandbox. I am currently plotting much Mongoose Martyrdom’ing. Plus it’s gonna be fun as hell sticking it to inconspicuous parts of vehicles and waiting for enemies to take them. And the Banshee takedowns! The possibilities! I’m salivating! This is gonna rock BTB SO MUCH!

Something I plan on doing is shooting the sticky detonator into the drivers seat of an enemy warthog and wait until someone starts driving before I detonate it.

I wonder if it explodes on stick with vehicles and Spartans… that would kinda break all the wonderful ideas.

Reminds me of the Halo 3 Beta, how trip mines would stick underneath Warthogs. I personally loved that the grenade launcher was a trip mine in gun form, and I again personally love that they are bringing it back and improving it.

What if you stuck a vehicle, waited for an enemy to get in it, but then get killed before you could set it off. Then, the guy who killed you picks it up. Does he get to detonate it? That would be a hilarious betrayal.

OP, I like your ideas. Also, for defending against Flag Attackers (assuming it’s available during CTF) it would be useful, just stick it to the base of the flag. But, like the Grenade Launcher, I feel as though it has a very small kill radius, which helps balance it. All in all, I like the look of it.

> I wonder if it explodes on stick with vehicles and Spartans… that would kinda break all the wonderful ideas.

That’s true it’s all just skeptical thinking at this point.

-Get some buddies together
-plant a bunch under a warthog
-Wait for a teammate to hop in
-Recreate the CE warthog flip videos.

I can see it now: “Things to do in Halo 4: Car bomb”

“Lalala… OOh!! a Banshee… Wonder why nobody has taken it yet?”(hops in) Teammate yells no! “OH CRAP” Boom goes the banshee and boom goes the players of laughter… I can defilintly see this happening… And yes, the teammate will also laugh.