Fun things to do in Reach today and on.

Reach has been around awhile. Yet that doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton of fun things you can try out.

So lets make a list. Of fun things you have fun, Plan to do, Or just love doing in Reach

1-Play a Custom Game night with strangers. Make new friends

2-Make an Invasion Map. Then play it.

3-Take fansy looking artsy pictures and put them on fire share.

4-Play MM online COOP

5-Meet 3 strangers in #4 and play each level at least once.

6-Sit down for a few hours. Play one of each Playlist, once. Even if you don’t like it.

7-Try using a weapon you never use.

8-Go through Campaign without going into a vehicle (unless needed) (Can work with #4/5)

9-Play someones custom map to test it for them

10-Watch a campaign mission in Theater. Find something you haven’t seen

11-Try not entering a single vehicle in BTB match

12-Go into Dino Blasters, Get into a fight with someone mid air

13-Try to get 3 caps in Griffball

14-Play Chess/Pinball

15-Make a Super Slide

16-Invite 3 friends over and play 4 way split screen (not live)

17-Play 2 player COOP split screen

18-Play a 2 per TV lan party COOP.

19-Try a classic Lan Party in general

20-Look up “Pictures of you”

Add to the list

So basically, do what has always made Halo great and avoid listening to the MLG wannabes that are trying to force the direction of the franchise into their niche playlist?

Pretty much, I guess, Fun.

I believe you mean ‘a while’, awhile means - for a short time.

Anyway, nice list for people who are bored with Halo Reach, it gives players something to do. However, I haven’t quite gotten bored of Reach get. :slight_smile:

Get in a party with 3 other Inheritors and match random Recruits and demolish them.


Heres one.

Play the package, On Legendary, With some friends

Get to the part where you kill the two big guns, and those two falcons come in

Now one will fly right by and do nothing

The other will go into an area full of NOPE

2 fuel rod turrets

2 Shade Turrets

A Revenant

A ghost or two

Go in theator

Watch the poor marine Falcon get shot down by more green and blue -Yoink- then you can think of

Go hunting for some of the data pads and fight for achievements (LEGENDARY). Have you completed all the easter eggs yet? my favorite is the halo dedication room on ‘The Package’ but i also like the dive a pelican/phantom easter egg on ‘New Alexandria’

> 2533274832697531;5:
> Get in a party with 3 other Inheritors and match random Recruits and demolish them.
> :wink:

Psh it feels like a bunch of Inheritors just farmed grifball I leaned not to associate skill with ranks. Especially back when reach was the halo game bunch of people made new accounts (Smurfs)

Get a party of friends and play on forge in the best thing.

Go on forge and make a race track with a bunch of jumps