Fun speculation

There’s a lot of doom and gloom going on here at the moment so I figured I’d take the time to lighten the mood a bit by speculating with you people on what the 10- year plan of Infinite might hold in store. I so much enjoyed doing this sort of thing with Halo 5 so I thought I’d do it again.

To start off, a friend of mine was recently talking about his disappointment in the lack of his all time favorite Halo weaponry, and so we concocted a theory that because all the weapons that made a „return“ in Halo 5 received such warm welcomes, they might have something similar in mind with Infinite. I mean it’s safe to say that we will be getting new weapons at some point, so I’m going to be bold and try and guess a few: SAW, Fuel rod Cannon and Spartan laser. Purely on the grounds that I don’t see any weapons that do what they do.
Another thing I noticed was the heatwave and cindershot both look a bit out of place for either Banished or UNSC, and they also shoot projectiles alien to both factions. That’s when I noticed a tip in the menu “vehicles destroyed by Hardlight do not explode”: so hard light is a thing? Wasn’t that promethean tech? Now that can either mean humans have reverse engineered hard light weaponry or we will fight forerunners in some form…. One is a lot more interesting than the other…. I mean, the sentinel beam is here too….
One thing that has me completely stumped though is why in the bloody hell do vehicle cores have a rarity to them? it makes no sense in any mode we’ve seen so far, but it can’t be there without reason… maybe warzone or WZ firefight are to return at some point?

But what is in my opinion is abundantly clear is that we can expect a PVE mode at some point (aside from campaign, duh), based on how the tutorial tries to put our Spartan in a very real setting, and the commander mentions “we’ll be busy”. Whatever that turns out to be is anyone’s guess, but I think it’s going to be Spartan ops or something story driven as they put a lot of effort into fleshing out the commander’s character into more than just a tutorial instructor.

Hope you read until here and thanks if you did, I look forward to reading all the options and ideas :slight_smile:

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This is a fun idea! I totally think there’s some sort of PvE mode coming. It would be cool if it was plain old firefight but knowing 343 it’ll probably be something a bit different (this isn’t necessarily a bad thing to me).

I do think it’s inevitable that more weapons are added. I think it would be fun to bring back certain weapons just for limited time events, just to make them feel a bit more special.