Fun new Slayer forge maps! Enjoy :)

Hey everyone I have been bored lately so I started making some fun Slayer maps. I figured I would let you all have a chance to play them as well :slight_smile: Now I want to tell you straight out that I am not a professional, but they are made very well and do play out very well also. I have had friends of mine play them, their friends play them, as well as others who have downloaded them and they all like them(from those who told me). Now I don’t expect everyone to like the maps, so its okay if you don’t like them. All I ask is that you leave mature feedback and I will take into appreciation what suggestions you might have. Then I will go back into the forge, alter the selected maps and re-upload them and let you all play the better version of them. Just when you give feedback use this template below.

Map name:
Rating 1-10:
Overall rating 1-10:


I know this sounds silly, but I made them into map packs lol. First map pack is called “Condemned” (yeah I know we have a map called that already). The name of the three maps are “Condemned” “Reactor” and “Stay Alive”.

All of those are 4v4, 8v8, red vs blue Team Slayer and SWAT.

The other map pack is called “Deception”. The name of the three maps are “Subside” “Strong Hold” and “Hive”. They are all 4v4, 8v8, red vs blue Team Slayer, SWAT, and Rumble Pit".Reason I put them into map packs was because it seemed more organized, but I think I am done with the whole map pack thing so just look for “darkjedix89” as the author and/or my youtube link in the description and/or (DHG[which stands for Dark Hole Games]).

Dark Hole Games is my gaming/HALO fan based website. If you wanna ever check it out your more than welcome to. On the website it has some interaction with all gamers, has pictures of all the maps I named above, and more.

To download the maps go to my file share. Gamertag: Darkjedix89

Let me know what you think, and again I don’t expect everyone to like these maps. So if you don’t its perfectly okay. Enjoy and thank for downloading them :slight_smile:

Funny, I just saw this on the Bnet forums.

And the maps are pretty cool! Although im taking an interest in reactor. The way it’s set up with the glass and everything. Good job!

Lol yeah I posted it there. I am trying to spread word of the maps and my website. Also did you see this forum on about the “DHG appreciation custom game” battle against me, and possibly some of my beta tester? If not here is the link to the forum you can just read the following information below.

I really appreciate your feedback. Reactor is a fun map because when you load out majority of people use Sprint, but my personal favorite is Jet pack so I put both of those abilities into a deep brainstorm. I had to balance out the other abilities as well so the elevators were made for all of those who use “on foot” abilities, but the jet pack has a bit of an advantage. The design was a concept I made for a college project level design, but I tweeked some of it when I was making Reactor. I currently just finished my newest slayer map “outlands” and we have had some beta tests on it. I will be posting pictures of it on my website soon.

If you need the link to the Dark Hole Games website click here

I want to thank everyone for downloading my current maps. Just for that I wanna host a Community appreciation custom game battle on the maps and give you guys a sneak peak on my newest map. The day for the community battle will be on Sunday August 7, 2011 at 8:00pm EST. If you are interested then send me a private message titled “Support battle” or post if you can make it on here, or send me a message on my XBL gamertag: darkjedix89.

To prove you downloaded them, give me a quick summary of all the maps your downloaded. Not by themselves(ex: subside is a open map.) Just combined it all into one paragraph or more.

On Tuesday August 9, 2011 at 8:00pm I will be hosting the same thing (appreciation custom game), but anyone can join up. The only reason it is on two different days is because I want to give the Dark Hole Games community a chance against the creator of the maps, along with his beta testers. The DHG community also has a leading edge compared to those who don’t know the maps, so it gives those who didn’t download the maps a chance to and get to know the maps better.

If your going attend Sunday or Tuesday state which day here or in a private message, and make sure to leave your gamertag so I can send you an invite on whichever given day you wish to attend. If you do not wish or cannot attend please let me know.

Thanks again everyone, for your support :slight_smile:

Alright everyone! Change of plans! Since no one is actually officially apart of the DHG community, I decided to change the information. I posted a forum on and changed some stuff on my website giving information about this event. If you go to you can look under the “community vs DHG” tab or go to the forum and look under “news”.

Here is the post I put on

Firstly, if you don’t know who DHG is that is fine. Just go to my profile and click on my homepage and you will find all your answers there. Secondly, if you know who we are awesome! Thirdly, if your immature then you can just leave. This is for people looking for something new, fun and to be apart of something. Fourthly, I posted something earlier about this event and I am not sure if anyone saw it, but this event will be in the Halo Reach custom game lobby. An lastly, if you wish to be apart of the DHG community you can sign up on the website. Just follow what I said above.

Okay so now that is all cleared we can get started.

From DHG Forum:

"Whats up DHG Community! Are you ready for a treat?! On Tuesday August 9, 2011 at 8:00-10:00pm EST you get a chance to play against us on our new maps in Team Slayer. So if you haven’t had a chance to download the maps to be familiar with them, I would do so ASAP. We will tally up the wins and loses and post them here on the website. If you are planning to attend please contact us in three ways.
1. Email us with your gamertag and put in “community vs dhg” in the subject.(email is in our contact us tab)
2. Leave your gamertag here in the forum
3. Send me a message on XBL. Gamertag: darkjedix89
If you send me a message over XBL I will send you an invite when I get a chance
Note: All community members will gets a code to put in their bio. [ex:DHGX64]
Hope to see you there!"

Now I know that no one is officially members of the community on Dark Hole Games, so this like a beginning for us and for you all who choose to take part in all this.

To download the maps go to my gamertag: darkjedix89. In the map descriptions it will say DHG in them so you’ll know which to download. Thanks for your support.

If you would like to be apart of the community, contact me through here or on my website and I will give you your special code. With the code you will get a heads up on things before anyone else! Hope to see you there this Tuesday and thank you all for your time and support!

your friends at

i do apologize for the mixed up day. it is not a sunday, it is tuseday. I went back and edit it today so there should be no more confusion. Thank you for your time and hope to see you there.