fun killers

i was playing a game of firefight and then this guy (chilla57) destroyed the hog, ok can happen once, next round he got the hog and went splattering the other player’s (removing there shields by ramming them), so i destroy the hog.
but this is not about that game.
it’s about stupid people trying to ruin the game for other’s. plz bungie, 343, who ever controls the game now, fix this

Ya, I’ve had teammates cry bloody foul when I would jack a Wraith. They’d then proceed to destroy my occupied Wraith to prevent my point scoring. There are ways of dealing with such people but to be honest, I don’t think there is an honest way to deal with them without resorting to being one of them: using a Concussion rifle, one can bounce one’s teammates into unwanted positions without getting the blame.

it happens far too often for my liking, i’ve seen people on team games kill team mates who are playing by the rules just for kicks it seems. accidents happen but some people just ruin games for themselves and others

If it’s possible a vote to boot option, I think could help at least.

ok the bigest problem i have is people killing others over the sniper riffle in invasion or BTB, or any power weapon for that matter.

they just need to change the boot options.

2 times killing one person gives the person option to boot. and if one person has a power weapon for that playlist and gets betrayed they have immediate option to boot the other person

Please do not call out individual users. I encourage you, in situations like what you described, to utilize the Xbox LIVE feedback system. Feel free to start a new thread discussing the general sentiments of your post without listing the specific person. Thanks!