Fun in matchmaking

The title describes it all . I have so much fun in matchmaking is crazy. The wait time don’t get me started it makes me cry of joy after 30 minutes of waiting for it to find people. Plus if the wait wasn’t long enough if you happen to be in that kind of mood and wanna party up, you might as well grab dinner and hope u connect and stay in the same lobby long enough to find a game together. With all this said and all my yammering I forgot to mention when u actually find a game you better pull those prayer beads out and pray your not on the team with 3vs7. But thank to all this I love matchmaking it’s fun and makes you religious. Please 343 and all involved let’s make this game actually fun and get people interested again thank you #!!!

Well it is halo matchmaking!

Haha yeah you got me there . I just hope for some change and relief !