fun glitch

Don’t know if this was on the original game (probably), but:

On “Halo”, when you get to the pod where you pick up the sniper rifle, kill off all the enemies, drive your Warthog down to & past the pod. Right before the outlet to the next area, there’s a huge boulder on the right. Drive your Warthog up in the left-side crevice and then pop out. What happened to me (somehow) is I fell beneath the map and died. I was intending on jumping out to get on top of the Warthog and check the top of the rock for… who knows (a skull, maybe? I didn’t look at the spoilers for locations, heh). Although I’ve now found the skulls on this mission, it’s another fun “walk through the wall” glitch like the one on “Library.”

Nobody else experienced this?!